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Proceeds go to UJA

Message from Founder Lisa Shaller-Goldberg:

My two Jewish grandmothers, Minnie and Rose,
were the pillars of my family.
They were both strong, independent women who had survived a great deal in their lives.

Their legacy taught me love, peace, resilience, fortitude, and important values
that I hold with me to this day.

I created this sweater in honor of my family to yours. Shalom is Hebrew for peace. This sweater
represents the unity and solidarity of our culture.

Minnie Rose will be donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this sweater to UJA & EndJewHatred

Men's Navy Shalom Sweater

Men's Shalom/Peace Sweater

Shalom, I am the proud son of Lisa Shaller-Goldberg owner and designer of Minnie Rose. My mom was inspired by my Tallis bag to create this sweater. Not only does this cotton/cashmere sweater keep me warm but it also warms my heart with its meaningful cause. More than just a really cool fashion statement, the hand embroidered Shalom represents a commitment to promoting peace and supporting Israel. With each purchase of the shalom sweater, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the UJA & EndJewHatred. I am so proud of my mom for using her talent to create something special, and her dedication to helping make a difference. Shalom, Jake